Very few people know how to implement it in a manufacturing organization. This book is a guide and workbook for anyone wanting to implement Constraint Management in a manufacturing organization. This book answers all your questions and more. Written by Mark Woeppel, the leading expert on (TOC), this is the only complete step-by-step guide for implementing TOC in a manufacturing organization. It serves simultaneously as a guide and a workbook with a scope that includes the logistical, pricing, and measurement systems. The author provides a complete implementation checklist, sample policies, and procedures documents that are included as boilerplates in the appendix. He explains the rationale behind the implementation process and includes real life "war stories" that illustrate it. The Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints - containing advice and examples - presents a proven method of implementation and short cuts to success. You will find a wealth of resource material, procedures, and policies that help you avoid costly mistakes and speed up your implementation process. Table of Contents 1 What is Constraint Management? 2 Implementation Overview 3 The Implementation Plan 4 Project Launch 5 Assessment 6 Designing the New Process 7 Achieving Control 8 Organizational Alignment 9 Last Thoughts and Ruminations References Index >>Visit my blog for more eBooks<< | And also can connect to RSS