The Controller's Function, Fourth Edition is the go-to resource new and established professionals can turn to for the most up-to-date information on enhancing their performance and sustaining their company's competitive advantage. Now with new chapters on cost accounting and accounting for acquisitions, the Fourth Edition offers you numerous real-world examples, expertly balancing both the technical and managerial sides of the job. Busy professionals can quickly access the latest information on: Job descriptions for all positions reporting to the controller Flex budgeting Discussion of sales bottlenecks Role of throughput in determining appropriate overhead levels Throughput analysis for capital investments Discussion of the fast close for public companies Discussion of cost reduction and analysis Cost accounting Accounting for acquisitions From describing essential competencies to detailing the more sophisticated skills like activity-based costing, target costing, and outsourcing, the Fourth Edition provides you with a complete overview of the multifaceted job of the controller—from the most basic "bread-and-butter" aspects of your job to the most advanced. >>Visit my blog for more eBooks<< | And also can connect to RSS