A Bill of Divorcement a Play

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n rises on Margaret's drawing-room. It is prettily furnished in a gentle, white-walled, water- color-in-gold-frame fashion and is full of flowers. In one corner is a parrot in a cage, and near it Miss Fairfield's armchair and footstool and worktable. The fireplace has a white sheepskin in front of it, and brass fire irons; on the mantelpiece is a gilt clock and many photographs. At right angles to the fire a low Empire couch runs out into the room. There is a hint of Sydney in the ultra-modern cush- ionry with which it is piled. As the curtain goes up Bassett is showing in Gray Meredith. BASSETT They're still at lunch, sir. [Glancing at the clock.] They're late. BASSETT It's the visitor, sir. He's kept them talking. Gray Visitor? BASSETT Yes, sir, a strange gentleman. Will you take coffee, sir? I may as well go in and have it with them. BASSETT The mistress said, would you not, sir. She'd come to you. [A little surprised.] Oh, very well. BASSETT I'll tell Miss Sydney you've come, sir. [Lifting his eyebrows.] Tell Mrs. Fairfield. BASSETT 'Miss Sydney said I was to tell her too, sir, quietly. Gray [Puzzled.] Is?? [He checks an impulse to question the servant.] All right! BASSETT Thank you, sir. [She goes out, leaving the door open. There is a slight pause. Margaret comes in hurriedly, shutting the door behind her.] Gray [Smiling.] Well, what's the mystery? MARGARET Gray, he's come back! chapter{Section 4GRAY MARGARET Hilary. Hilary? What Hilary? [Realizing.] Hilary! MARGARET Good God! MARGARET He got away. He came straight here. I found him with Sydney. Don't be frightened. I'm here. Is he dangerous? MARGARET No, no, poor fellow ! You can't be sure. ... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

A Bill of Divorcement a Play
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