A Black Adonis

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Linn Boyd Porter (1851-1916), who wrote under the pseudonym Albert Ross, was a popular American author. His works include: Caring for No Man (1875), Thou Shalt Not (1889), His Private Character (1889)


, Speaking of Ellen (1890), In Stella's Shadow (1890), Moulding a Maiden (1891), Her Husband's Friend (1891), The Garston Bigamy (1892), Why I'm Single (1892), Thy Neighbor's Wife (1892), An Original Sinner (1893), Young Miss Giddy (1893), Love at Seventy (1894), A Black Adonis (1895), Young Fawcett's Mabel (1895), His Foster Sister (1896), Their Marriage Bond (1897), A New Sensation (1898), That Gay Deceiver! (1899), The Naked Truth (1899), Stranger Than Fiction (1900), A Sugar Princess (1900) and Riverfall (1903).

A Black Adonis
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