A Chronicle of London From 1089 to 1483

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The present period is so distinguished for historical research, thatthe publication of an English Chronicle, written in the fifteenthcentury, will not it is presumed require any other prefatory remark


sto recommend it to attention, than a brief account of the MSS. fromwhich it has been transcribed. Two copies are extant in the BritishMuseum; the one in the Harleian MS. 565, the other in the CottonianMS. Julius B. I. and the material variations between them are eitheralluded to, or inserted in the Notes. The copy in the Harleian MS.ends with the 22nd year of the reign of Henry the Sixth, Anno 1442,about which time the volume was evidently written: but the othertranscript, which is in a much later hand, is continued to the deathof Edward the Fourth, Anno 1483, though after the accession of thatmonarch the narrative is barren and unsatisfactory. It may thereforebe inferred that the original compiler did not survive the death ofHenry the Sixth, and that the continuation was by another person. Withthe events of that period the writer is consequently to be deemedcontemporary; and all which he relates of the reigns of Henry theFourth, Fifth, and Sixth, are peculiarly deserving of notice; for somecurious facts are mentioned, many of which have never, it isbelieved, been so fully detailed, even if they were previously known;whilst of earlier times his statements are as worthy of credit asthose of other Chroniclers

A Chronicle of London From 1089 to 1483
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