A Little Norsk; Or, Ol' Pap's Flaxen

Cover of book A Little Norsk; Or, Ol' Pap's Flaxen
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BURIAL OP HEE DEAD MOTHER. HEN Anson woke the next morning, he found the great flower- like eyes of the little waif staring straight into his face with a surprise too great for words or cries. She stared steadily and solemnly into his open eyes for a while, and when he smiled she smiled back; but when he lifted his large hand and tried to brush her hair she grew frightened, pushing her little fists against him, and began to cry "Mor! Mor Kom!" This roused Gearheart, who said: " Well, Ans, what are y' goiii' to do with that child? This is your mornin' to git breakfast. Come, roll out. I've got the fire goin' good. I can't let y' off; it'll break up our system." Anson rolled out of the bunk and dressed hurriedly in the cold room. The only sound was the roar of the stove devouring the hay-twist. Anson danced about. " Thunder an' black cats, ain't it cold! The wind has died down, or we'd be froze stiffer'n a wedge. It was mighty good in you, ol' man, to keep the stove goin' durin' the night. The child has opened her eyes brighter'n a dollar, but I tell you I don't like to let her know what's happened to her relatives." The little one began to wail in a frightened way, being alone in the dim corner. "There she goes now; she's wantin'to go home! That's what she's askin', jes' like's not. Say, Bert, what the devil can I do?" "Talk to her, Ans; chuckle to her." " Talk! She'll think I'm threatenin' to knock her head off, or somethin'. There there, don't ee cry! We'll go see papa soon.?Confound it, man, I can't go on with this thing! There, there! See, child, we're goin' to have some nice hot pancakes now; goin' to have breakfastnow. See, ol' pap's goin' to fry some pancakes. Whoop ? see!" He took down the saucepan, and flourished it in order to m...

A Little Norsk; Or, Ol' Pap's Flaxen
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