A London Comedy And Other Vanities

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r much toil and passion A poet learned to wear A smile for life's poor fashion, A mask for biting care. He, faithful to his art, sings, Mocking his sense of wrong, Pain's finger on his heart-strings? Sweet music in his song. Now Fortune seeks a meeting, She calls his name one morrow; She gets strange tears for greeting; He'd laughed too long with sorrow. TO TWO FEIENDS In Memory Of Hubert Montague Crackanthorpe. Old friends! old friends, the name Rings doubly good Now, as we count the loss Of his fair manlihood, Now, as we cry in bitterness and blame, Behold! his life is gone? Lost with the flotsam and the dross? Inconsequently caught in the ever-lengthening, wan Trooping of Death, who hunts in merry and un- tiring mood The loved, the beautiful, the brave. O! could not then the grave? The horrible, insatiate? Be this time propitiate With lesser souls than his, whose soul had grown Melodiously in concord with our own. Unto my friends who doubted, wept, despaired, Disputed, argued, while there yet remained Uncertainties, and hope with time was gained? Unto my friends : "If he be gone, if he, indeed, has fared Beyond these bounds of complex destiny, O, remember and be cheered? Those who were dear on earth are more endeared, The thing that pained no longer pains. Down the cold corridors, within the silent alcoves of the dead, The great renunciations are as stored gains, The once poor negatives of life shine newly, bright As jewels indiademed. Obliterate the dread Compressed within that day of troubles, that horrific night." Comrade of days?the years were yet to be? Dearest you were to my sweet friends, Through them to me; And now, alas, so soon our converse ends. 'Neath the umbrageous shadow of th... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

A London Comedy And Other Vanities
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