A London Life And Other Tales

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She was dining out that night with both Selina and Lionel -- a conjunction that was rather rare. She was by no means always invited with them, and Selina constantly went without her husband. Appearanc


es, however, sometimes got a sop thrown them; three or four times a month Lionel and she entered the brougham together like people who still had forms, who still said 'my dear'. This was to be one of those occasions, and Mrs Berrington's young unmarried sister was included in the invitation.-----------------------------------------------------------------** Check Out More Great Titles From Penny Books **-----------------------------------------------------------------Simply click on "Penny Books (Editor)" under the title to see a full list of all of our great discounted books!!New titles are being added daily, so be sure to check back often to find more great discounted books!!**Check out PennyBooksPublishing.com to get more information about Penny Books, learn how to follow us on Twitter, and look at all of our great titles!!

A London Life And Other Tales
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