A Study of Recent Earthquakes

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Charles Davison (1858-1940) was the British author of The Hereford Earthquake of December 17th, 1896 and A Study of Recent Earthquakes (1905). "The present volume differs from a text-book of seismolog


y in giving brief, though detailed, accounts of individual earthquakes rather than a discussion of the phenomena and distribution of earthquakes in general. At the close of his Les Tremblements de Terre, Professor Fouqué has devoted a few chapters to some of the principal earthquakes between 1854 and 1887; and there are also the well-known chapters in Lyell's Principles of Geology dealing with earthquakes of a still earlier date. With these exceptions, there is no other work covering the same ground; and he who wishes to study any particular earthquake can only do so by reading long reports or series of papers written perhaps in several different languages. The object of this volume is to save him this trouble, and to present to him the facts that seem most worthy of his attention. "

A Study of Recent Earthquakes
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