A System of Biblical Psychology

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The first edition of this book was published in 1855. Due to its immediate success it was re-published a number of times and soon in 1866 translated from German into English. System of Biblical Psycho


logy belonging to the pen of Franz Delitzsch gives its readers the understanding of the relationship between God and a person. The author believes that the Bible contains all rules and ideas concerning the human nature and actions in defferent situations. Moreover, the theme of relationshoip between a man and self and a man and those who surround him is also included in this book. Various sections of the book are devoted to pre-existence, creation, the fall, man's natural condition, the regeneration, death, and resurrection and consummation. Each section is followed by an appendix with the explanation materials. The book is recommended for everyone who is interested in Biblical psychology and wants to compare its ideas of the middle of the 19th century to the modern views in this particular field.

A System of Biblical Psychology
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