A Wrinkle in Time

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I wish I had read this when I was young. I really can't think why I didn't. It has many of the elements that make stories appeal to young readers...magic, time travel, the unpopular smart kid. It is a


fun story that would have appeal at that level alone.

What I saw beneath the story, however, were some important ideas and points that all childen and many adults need to hear over and over again. Different is not less; being the same might seem more comfortable, but it is limiting. The idea that happiness can be had by being just like everyone else, is a foolish misconception. Happiness really comes from striving, working, choosing, reaching and loving. If there is pain with that (and there might be), it is worth it.

I had heard so much about this book from others, that I was happy to find it was enjoyable and meaningful, even at this late date.
What a [email protected] Unforgettable. Powerful. And so transformative. This is an engrossing fantastical story with such vivid characters. Meg especially with her stormy strong nature is a highlight but every character here hooks into the mind. I have a feeling if I read this as a child that this would have been a five star read, but as an adult I got snagged on the author giving equal weight to Jesus, Shakespeare, Buddha, Gandhi and Beethoven.
This is never theless an excellent demonstration of how to weave religious/philosophical themes into a story so that they enhance the narrative rather than smother it.
Because the struggles here are so real - Meg against herself, society and school - and the theology is off-center I will hold off reading this to my young children for now (more suitable for tweens?) but I very much enjoyed this.

A Wrinkle in Time
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Guest a year ago

Lads Its connected To IT so im good with it

cjpassmore a year ago

i cant even read it

Guest a year ago

i cant read iit
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Guest a year ago

This book was so amazing I hope that a second one comes out soon!

Guest a year ago

There are many books that came after A Wrinkle in Time, like, a SUPER long time ago!!

Guest a year ago

Bad book movie is better

Guest a year ago

I went to see the movie

Guest 11 months ago


Guest a year ago

sooooooo bad

Skullpanda a year ago

It a great book thank you

Guest a year ago

who said its bad it isnt so cool book
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