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NING HE news of the assassination of President Carnot at Lyons reached Paris and the Cafe de la Paix at ten o'clock on Sunday night. What is told at the Cafe de la Paix is not long in traversing the length of the boulevards, and in crossing the Place de la Concorde to the cafes chan- tants and the public gardens in the Champs Elysees, so that by eleven o'clock on the night of the 24th of June " all Paris" was acquainted with the fact that the President of the Republic had been cruelly murdered. There are many people in America who remember thenight when President Garfield died, and how, when his death was announced from the stage of the different theatres, the audience in each theatre rose silently as one man and walked quietly out. To them the President's death was not unexpected; it did not stun them, it came with no sudden shock, but it was not necessary to announce to them that the performance for that evening was at an end. They did not leave because the manager had rung down the curtain, but because at such a time they felt more at ease with themselves outside of a place of amusement than in one. This was not the feeling of the Parisians when President Carnot died. On that night no lights were put out in the cafes; no leader's baton rapped for a sudden silence in the Jardin de Paris, and the Parisians continued to drink their bock and to dance, or to watch others dance, even though they knew that at that same moment Madame Carnot in a special train was hurrying through the night to reach the death-bed of her husband. It is never possible to tell which way the French people will jump, or how they will act at a crisis. They have no precedents of conduct; they are as likely to do the characteristic thing, which in itself is differentfrom what people...

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