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AN ANTONIO. "VTICK and Herbert stopped on the Plaza -LN to inspect a bear, which a lank Texan had fastened to a staple by a rope, and was waiting thus late at night for a purchaser. The moment the boys passed, the owner began urging them to buy, offering the brute for fifteen dollars, and dwelling with much eloquence on the great bargain it was for anyone. Our friends, however, had no use for any animals of that species, and, taking care to keep beyond reach of the beast, who showed a desire for closer acquaintance, they sauntered toward the hotel. Just before reaching it, someone touched Nick's arm in such a timid manner that he turned, wondering what it could mean. A lad about twelve years of age, ragged and the picture of distress, asked in a tremulous voice: "Please, sir, you're from the North, aint yon?" " Yes," replied Nick; "is your home there?" " Yes, sir," said the lad, swallowing a lump in his throat, " and I would give the world, if I had it, if I was back there again." " How is it you're here ? "Me and Dick Harrison run away from home; we lived in Philadelphia, and we haven't had anything to eat since yesterday." " Where is Dick ?" "He's off yonder, on the other side of the Plaza; he's just dead broke up, and says he won't try nothin' more, but is goin' to lay down and die." "I don't believe anyone has ever died of starvation in San Antonio; can't you get work ?" " We have been trying for two weeks ; we got a job or two that fetched us a little to eat, but we can't do nothin' more." " Take us over to where Dick is," said Herbert, whose heart was touched, "and let us see him." " Come on," said the boy, so cheerfully that Nick and his friend were satisfied he was telling the truth. On the way across the Pla...

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