Ambrotox And Limping Dick

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Oliver Fleming was a pseudonym used by the British authors Ronald MacDonald (1860-1933) and his son Philip MacDonald (1900-1980). Works published under this name include Ambrotox and Limping Dick (192


0) and The Spandau Quid (1923). Philip MacDonald also wrote as Anthony Lawless, Martin Porlock, W. J. Stuart and Warren Stuart. His detective novels, particularly those featuring his series detective Anthony Gethryn, are primarily "whodunnits" with the occasional locked room mystery. His novel X. V. Rex (1933), aka The Mystery of the Dead Police, is an early example of what has become known as a serial killer novel. In later years Philip MacDonald wrote television scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Malice Domestic, 1957) and Perry Mason (The Case of the Terrified Typist, 1958).

Ambrotox And Limping Dick
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