An Australian Lassie

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Lilian Burwell (1870-1956) who was also known as Lilian Turner, was the Australian author of: The Lights of Sydney; or, No Past is Dead (1896), Young Love (1902), An Australian Lassie (1903), Betty th


e Scribe (1906), Paradise and the Perrys (1908), The Perry Girls (1909), Three New Chum Girls (1910), April Girls (1911), Written Down (1912), Stairways to the Stars (1913), The Girl From the Back-Blocks (1914), Wars Heart Throbs (1915), The Noughts and Crosses (1917), Rachel (1920), Peggy the Pilot (1922), Jill of the Fourth Form (1924), The Happy Heriots (1926), Nina Comes Home (1927), Ann Chooses Glory (1928), Lady Billy (1929), There Came a Call (1930) and Two Take the Road (1931).

An Australian Lassie
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