An Island Garden

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Celia Thaxter, the author of this book, takes the reader on an amazing journey through every phase of tending her beloved garden on Appledore Island. Appledore Island is situated among the Isles of Sh


oals, ten miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Although some period of her life Celia spent on a mainland, her emotions were as deeply rooted in this rocky island as were the roots of her plants. In this book she reveals all the secrets of her gardening techniques, from the indoor winter planting of seeds on the mainland to the spring planting of seedlings on the island; and, finally, to the summer fruits of her labor--the colorful, lush blossoms. She doesn’t miss anything, even devotes several pages of the book to the ‘garden enemies’. Celia’s methods of getting rid of insects are quite resourceful and interesting. This delightful book will be great for both gardeners-beginners and those, who knows about gardening everything and even more.

An Island Garden
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