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In 1963 Randall Garrett (by the way, "Darrell T. Langart" is a pseudodonym and anagram) wrote his novel "Anything You Can Do ...". In this book he weaves three exciting storylines: the tale of an alie


n named Nipe who has great technological knowledge and near-perfect memory but whose behavior is superstitious and highly ritualistic, and who has crash-landed on Earth; a government project designed to create a superman; and the relationship between a pair of twins - who might have the key to everything! Mixing these storylines is the main thing in this novel that attracts greatly. By shifting from one subplot to another, Garrett succeeds in throwing the reader a bit off-balance. He often does something unexpected. The action sequences are well handled, and the dialogue is concise and smart. The novel moves like a well-edited movie, and reading it is a great pleasure.

Anything You Can Do ...
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