Armour's Monthly Cook Book, volume 2, No. 12, October 1913

Cover of book Armour's Monthly Cook Book, volume 2, No. 12, October 1913
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For the Automobile VisitorIt is the frequent experience of the housewife living in the country orsuburbs these days to receive unexpected visits from friends who aretouring in automobiles, and she fin


ds she must have somethingattractive, dainty and nourishing ready at a moment's notice tosupplement the cup of tea or coffee so welcome after a hot, dusty trip.It is a wise plan to keep a variety of Summer Sausage on hand, as in avery few minutes delicious sandwiches may be prepared with this, thesesandwiches having the charm of novelty. It is impossible to deal in ashort article with the many varieties of Summer Sausage, but there arethree or four which can be touched upon. To have a thoroughunderstanding of their goodness one must not only read about them buttaste them. They are the staple diet in many foreign countries and inthe Armour brand the native flavoring has been done with remarkablefaithfulness--so much so that large quantities are shipped from thiscountry every week to the countries where they originated.CERVELAT: This sausage is made of finest pork chopped fine, smoked andair dried. It is highly spiced. A very delicious way to serve this is tocut thin slices of white bread in rounds just the size of the sausage.Put the meat, cut very thin, between the slices of bread and toast for aminute with a very hot fire. This keeps the exposed sides absolutely dryand the sandwich can be eaten without a fork.GERMAN SALAMI: This sausage will be much appreciated by people who likethe smoky flavor of ham and bacon. In it the meat is chopped a littlecoarser than in the Cervelat, and the spicing is the same as that usedin Germany. Serve cut very thin, with rye or bran bread.LACKSCHINKEN: This is a very delicately flavored German titbit. It ismade of boneless pork loins cured in mild sweet pickle before smoking.It makes delicious sandwiches with white or brown bread sliced thin andlightly buttered.MORTADELLA, a favorite Italian sausage, is made from lean pork ham meatchopped very fine. The flavoring is delicious, the careful blending ofspices giving a distinctly foreign touch.In many restaurants throughout the country they serve, as in foreigncountries, a slice or two of Summer Sausage as an appetizer beforebeginning the meal. This custom is rapidly spreading into the home, andSummer Sausage now has an established place in the daily bill of fare.Armour's Monthly Cook Book

Armour's Monthly Cook Book, volume 2, No. 12, October 1913
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