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IT would seem that humanity permanently values truth, goodness, and beauty. These values are essential to religion. But there is a cleft between the popular religion of our day and all these three. Th


ere are many persons engaged in healing the breach between religion and science; equally many concerned with a new ethical seriousness in religion; few seem to be aware of the cleft between religion and art.A new age is coming. It will be upon us swiftly and we must bestir our imaginations to prepare for it. We are like the dwellers in the war-swept areas of the old world whose homes were wrecked by shell fire. Our intellectual houses are falling about our ears. We do not yet know whether we must rebuild them or desert them. We are hurriedly wondering what to save from the wreckage. We are half unconsciously taking stock of our valuables; making new appraisals of what is most precious. It is a time of reexamination of all things, a time of changes, profound and universal. The disorganizaTable of Contents I Introduction l; Truth, goodness, and beauty The new age The close of the Reformation age Protestant negation of the arts Catholic acceptance of modernism The art of worship the all-comprehending art Proposals for examining the connections of art and religion, historical, psychological, and practical Proposals of liturgical principles and materials Proposals for architectural style, tone, significance, and tendencies Current writings about the new age; II An Age Described by Its Art 9; No satisfactory art in a nondescript age The arts born of the national and time spirit The relations of art to unified life The youth, si2e, and complexity of American life The coming description; III The Unity of Religion and Art 18; Religion the source of primitive arts Religion the principal subject matter of historic art The inner identity of the mystic and aesthetic experience The demand for unity in composition an

Art Religion
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