Artemis Fowl 1

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People over 10 years old would find Artemis Fowl bright, ell-written and catching. The whole story is about one of the smartest criminals in the world that the mankind has ever known. But there is one


delicate detail – he is a kid. The name of the outstanding criminal is Artemis Fowl. After significant research, Artemis believes that he has confirmed the existence of fairies and decides to kidnap one. He tracks down an alcoholic sprite posing as a healerVietnam, and travels there with his friend to obtain from her The Book of the People —the Fairy holy book. Captain Holly Short of the Lower Elements Police is tracking a rogue troll that has managed to reach the surface of the Earth from the fairy city, deep underground. Assisted by a technically minded centur and LEPrecon commander, she incapacitates the troll.

Artemis Fowl 1
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Guest 7 months ago

Can we get the rest of the series?

Guest 9 months ago

Good read

Guest 11 months ago

love it

Obliterator 11 months ago


Guest a year ago

Great book really enjoyed!
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