At the Point of the Sword

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William James Herbert Hayens (1861-1944) was the British author of: Under the Lone Star: A Story of Revolution in Nicaragua (1896), Paris at Bay: A Story of the Siege (1897), Clevely Sahib: A Tale of


the Khyber Pass (1897), Soldiers of the Legion: A Tale of the Carlist War (1898), An Emperor's Doom; or, The Patriots of Mexico (1898), In the Grip of the Spaniard (1899), A Fighter in Green: A Tale of Algeria (1899), A Captain of Irregulars (1900), A Vanished Nation (1900), One of the Red Shirts: A Story of Garibaldi's Men (1901), The Red, White and Green (1901), For the Colours: A Boys' Book of the Army (1902), A Mystery of the Sea (1903), The President's Scouts: A Story of the Chilian Revolution (1904), Two Old Sea- Dogs: Drake and Blake (1904), With Sword and Ship (1906), The Story of Europe (1907), For the Colours (1908), The Red Caps of Lyons: A Story of the French Revolution (1909) and The British Legion: A Tale of the Carlist War (1910). --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

At the Point of the Sword
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