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Robert Nathan was an American poet and novelist. He wrote ‘Autumn’ in 1921. The story begins with Mr. Jeminy walking down the road toward the village. "On Sunday the church bells of Hillsboro rang out


across the ripening fields with a grave and holy sound, and again at evening knocked faintly, with quiet sorrow, at doors where children watched for the first star, to make their wishes. Night came, and to the croaking of frogs, the moon rose over Barly Hill. In the early morning the grass, still wet with dew, chilled the bare toes of urchins on their way to school where, until four o'clock, the tranquil voice of Mr. Jeminy disputed with the hum of bees, and the far off clink of the blacksmith's forge in the village." And that’s the point where the story begins..

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