Bacchylides the Poems And Fragments

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BIBLIOGRAPHY1.I. EDITIONS.Frederic Gr. Kenyon. The Poems of Bacchylides, from a Papyrus in the British Museum. Printed by Order of the Trustees of the British Museum, j 897. (Editio princeps.)The Poem


s 0/ Bacchylides. Facsimile of Papyrus Dccxxxill in the British Museum. Printed by Order of the Trustees. 1897.Friede rich Blass. Bacchylidis Carmina cum Fragmeyttis. Leipzig, Teubner. 189S. (Second edition, 1899: third, 1904.)Niccola Festa. Le odi e iframmenti di Bacchilide, testo greco, traduzione e note. Firenze, Harbern, 1898.Hugo Jurenka. Die neugefit/ideuen Lieder des Bakchylides. Text, Übersetzung und Commenlar, [The translation is in verse] Wien, Holder, 1898.Editions of Selections.E. Buchholz. Anthologie aus den Lyrikern der Griechen. Vol. II, 4th ed., revised by J. Sitzler. Leipzig, Teubner, 1898. The following portions of Bacchylides are included (text and commentary, pp. 139—172): Odes 2, 5, 17 (18 Ken.), 16 (17): frag. 13 (I*ergk, = 3 in my ed.), 19Table of Contents Bibliography xiii; Genekal Introduction ; I Tkk Life of Bacchyljdes i; II The Place of Bacchylides in the History of Greek; Lyric Poetry 27; III Characteristics of Bacchyitdks as a Poet 56; IV j)jalect and grammar 79; V MtTKes 92; VI The Papyrus m; Autotype Plates 143; VII The Text of the Papyrus 147; Introductions to the Oues 184; Text, Notes, and Translation 241; Fragments 4°8; Ari'ENlMX • - 435; Vocabulary 497; Index 519About the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original for

Bacchylides the Poems And Fragments
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