Barriers Burned Away

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PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION I SHALL say but few words in regard to this first child of my imagination. About one year ago our hearts were in deepest sym- pathy with our fellow-citizens of Chicago, an


d it occurred to me that their losses, sufferings, and fortitude might teach lessons after the echoes of the appalling event had died away in the press and that even the lurid and destructive flames might reveal with greater vividness the need and value of Christian faith. I spent some days among the smouldering ruins, and then began the following simple story, which has grown into larger proportions than I at first intended. But com- paratively a small part of the narrative is occupied with the fire, for its scenes are beyond description, and too strange and terrible to be dwelt upon. Therefore the thread of my story is carried rapidly through that period of unparalleled excitement and disaster. Nearly all the scenes introduced are historical, and are employed to give their terrible emphasis equally true in the serenest and securest times. to that which is B. P. R. LOVE UNKNOWN CONTENTS CHAPTER I CHAPTER II LOVE KNOWN CHAPTER III LAUNCHED CHAPTER IV COLD WATER CHAPTER V A HORNETS NEST CHAPTER VI STARVE THEN CHAPTER VII A GOOD SAMARITAN CHAPTER VIII YAHCOB BUNK CHAPTER IX LAND AT LAST CHAPTER X THE NEW BROOM . .... TOO MUCH ALIKE CHAPTER XI 13 22 2 35 42 48 54 61 68 75 CHAPTER XII BLUE BLOOD , . 89 VERY COLD CHAPTER XIII 7 82 100 8 CONTENTS CHAPTER XIV SHE SPEAKS TO HIM . . 105 PEOMOTED CHAPTEK XV 109 CHAPTER XVI JUST IN TIME 116 CHAPTER XVII RESCUED . 124 CHAPTER XVIII MlSS LUDOLPH MAKES A DISCOVERY 1S1 CHAPTER XIX WHAT is THE MATTER WITH HIM 139 CHAPTER XX Is HE A GENTLEMAN 147 CHAPTER XXI CHRISTINES IDEA OF CHRISTIANS 155 CHAPTER XXII EQUAL TO AN EMERGENCY 166 CHAPTER XXIII THE REVELATION 174 CHAPTER XXIV NIGHT THOUGHTS 183 DARKNESS CHAPTER XXV CHAPTER XXVI i r ..... 191 Miss LUDOLPH COMMITS A THEFT CHAPTER XXVII 203 A MISERABLE TRIUMPH 212 LIFE WITHOUT LOVE . ...... CHAPTER XXVIII 223 CONTENTS 9 CHAPTER XXIX DENNISS LOVE PUT TO PRACTICAL USE . . t . 234 CHAPTER XXX THE Two HEIGHTS . 250 CHAPTER XXXI BEGUILED . 260 CHAPTER XXXII BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT e . 269 CHAPTER XXXIII THE Two PICTURES c . 280 CHAPTER XXXIV REGRET - 292 REMORSE . CHAPTER XXXY 306 CHAPTER XXXVI AN APPARITION 316 CHAPTER XXXVII IF HE KNEW 328 CHAPTER XXXVIII THE GATES OPEN 339 CHAPTER XXXIX SUSIE WlNTHROP APPEARS AGAIN . . . . . . . 351 CHAPTER XL SUGGESTIVE PICTURES AND A PRIZE 359 CHAPTER XLI FIRE FIRE 865 CHAPTER XLII BARON LUDOLPH LEARNS THE TRUTH . . . 4 . . 872 CHAPTER XLIII CHRISTINE, AWAKE FOR YOUR LIFE . . . 380

Barriers Burned Away
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