Barrio Life And Barrio Education

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ressed as long as the incitations to action are partial, as they must be in a group which in its exclusiveness shuts out many interests. (1) THE BARRIO CHILD'S RIGHTS In theory all children have equal rights and privileges in sharing the benefits of education. In practice, however, the child in the barrio has not so far had the same opportunity for instruction as the child in the town or city. To be sure, there is no conscious attempt to deny the barrio child any of the rights and privileges which are his by law, but the absence of a school in his barrio, or the inaccessibility of the nearest school, or the general deficiency of the school in his barrio, for him has been a serious disadvantage. The barrio child is entitled to as good an educational opportunity as that enjoyed by the most favored child, in town or city, attending the Philippine public school. This is not to say that the barrio school shall be an exact copy of the school in town or city. There are certain essentials common to both types of schools, and it is the barrio child's right to have these essentials. There are differences in environment and conditions, however, which should lead to some differentiation. What this differentiation should be will be in part indicated here and will be more fully covered in the discussion of the barrio school curriculum (page 58). It may be stated here that the barrio school ought to be just as efficient in fitting the barrio child for the life he is to live as the town or city school is in fitting the town or city child for the life he is to live. (2) It is the barrio child's right to have an opportunity to enjoy the general benefits that accrue from ourpublic school system. He is entitled to a good hygienic and sanitary school building. He is entitl...

Barrio Life And Barrio Education
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