Battles of Mexico Containing An Authentic Account of All the Battles Fought in

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The follotwing pnges are designed to record, in a brief manner, those facts in reference to the war in Mexico, worthy of preservation. It com prehends the substarlce ot larger works, and ismore conven


ient for reference. Lists of killed and wounded are given as fully and accurately as the oificial and authoritive reports would admit. It Is painft l to contemplate, and especially dcs cribe the scenes of the battle field-the streams of blood-the groans of the wounded and dying-the hundreds or thousailds slain-the gasp of death-the crushed hopes-undying spirits thus ushered sudden ly and awfulfy into the presence of their Judge, per haps unprepared-it is npalling and we would turn nway and weep for poor, depraved humanity. Still it is desirable that the facts hould b e laid before the public. How many wives, at the commencement of the war, parted with their companions never to meet again in this world, and are now eager to know all thc circumstances connected with the war How many parcnts, bereft of dear children, how many brothers and sisters, deprived of those whom they loved, are intensely anxious to hear all the particulars of each battle We present these pages to the public hoping the tragical scenes here described may deter others from imbibing a war spirit. TYe exhort them not to be influenced by the rnktrtial array, the din of battle and the clash of arms, and all the exciting para pharnalia of svnr. Various circumstances contributed to poduce illis war. In thc first place the governmcnt of t l U . S . had cer tain claims against Mexico, acknowledged by the latter, but not cancelled. Next, the people of Tcxas, having formed themselres into an independent governmcnt main tained that independence eight years, were desirous of being annexed to the United States. In order to accomplish this object, as Mexico was opposed to it, it was agreed between our government and that of Tcxas, that the former should send upon the borders of Tcxas, an armed force suficient to put down any opposition from hlexico. Accordingly Zachary Taylor, Col. of the 6th Regiment of Infantry, was appointed to take command of these forces. IIe repaired to Fort Jessup, Louisana, and found that post garrisoned by seven companies of the 2d regiment of Dragoons, under the command of Col. D. E. Twiggs. hIay loth, 1844, eight companies of the 3d Kegi ment of Infantry, stationed at Jefferson Barracks, MissouriS repaired to thc same place, commanded by Lieutenant Col. E. A. Hitchcock. Their encampment was called Camp iIkins. Eight companies of the 4th Regiment from Jefferson Barracks, went, May 13, to Grand C l core on the Red Rirer, under the command of Colonel Vose. 2. Taylor, with the title of Brevet Brigadier General, arrived at Fort Jessup about the middie of June. April, 1845 two companies a r r i r d from Fort Learensvo. th, making 25 companies irl a11 of - that -as called the C arrny of observation. It having been votecl by Congress Feb...

Battles of Mexico Containing An Authentic Account of All the Battles Fought...
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