Beautiful Creatures: the Manga

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kassidy says:
Actual rating: 3.5I can't believe how busy I've been these past few days! Taking a break to read this graphic novel was so liberating but I've realised how much I haven't been reading :,(
... Anyways onto the review:I had absolute zero interest in reading the actual book but I had to buy the graphic novel because Cassandra Jeans art is just so flipping fantastic, literally love her to death. I've seen the Beautiful Creatures movie and I know you can't judge the book by the movie but the main plot just didn't captivate me. I've always been interested in reading Beautiful Creatures and this graphic novel is probably the closest I'll get. Overall: Interesting concept but not enough to motivate me to read the rest.MoreLess
Beautiful Creatures: the Manga
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Guest 10 months ago

I like this book

Guest 11 months ago

I love this book

Guest a year ago


Guest a year ago

The movie is so different than the book, they changed so many stuff and characters of the book, I wish they will make a series of the book without changing it as much as they changed it on the movie. just my opinion.!

Guest 2 years ago

This...isn't the manga.

Guest a year ago

I was expecting a manga. This is just plain text

Guest a year ago

how many pages are there?
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