Beet Root Sugar And Cultivation of the Beet

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R IN FRANCE. There are various methods of making sugar from beets employed in Europe, of which the following are but a part: ? The old method of rasping, pressing, treating with lime, evaporating in open boilers, crystallizing in large moulds or in pans, draining, and crushing. This method, in some factories, is modified by the introduction of the vacuum pan. In others the centrifugal machine takes the place of the slower method of moulds and of pans, for the purpose of throwing off the molasses. In other establishments, instead of using hydraulic presses, juice is extracted from the pulp in centrifugal machines in which large quantities of water are used. In others the " process of diffusion," so called, by which the beets are cut into thin slices, and the saccharine matter exhausted by steeping them in water in a series of vessels. In others the process of " maceration" is applied to small slices of beets, called " cossettes," which are dried and then steeped in water in a range of " mace- rators." In others there is a single saturation with carbonic acid gas after defecation. In others the " Maumene" process," or the system of cold defecation, is employed. In others the sirup of the beets is " strengthened"by the addition of sugar, and the refined loaf is produced directly from the beet. In some establishments the old-fashioned " scum press," worked by hand, is seen, while others have " hydraulic scum presses." A score of different methods are employed in various parts of Europe for the treatment of the " scum." In my judgment, however, incomparably the best process is the system of " double carbonitation," so called, of Perier and Possoz. This method reduces the quantity of bone black required to a very small amount, allowin...

Beet Root Sugar And Cultivation of the Beet
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