Before I Fall

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Let’s assume that you did something awful, but understood this too late, when you haven’t got an opportunity to improve it. Let’s assume that thankfully, you get the chance to improve that, you try to


do this again and again, but something or someone hinder you and you couldn’t do this. Shortly, this is the Samantha Kingston’s problem. 12th of Friday could be the same day as others, but in this day she died. But mystique keeps her in this world and gives an opportunity to change something that killing her again and again.

Before I Fall
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Guest 6 months ago

it is a bit inappropriate but gets good, i am only on chapter 3!..........................................................

Guest 11 months ago

est book i have ever read. Very sad ending though. If anyone knows about a fan fiction that continues the book let me know.

Guest a year ago


Guest a year ago

This book is the best I have read

Guest a year ago

I love the book the ending was my favrit

Guest a year ago

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