Billie Bradley On Lighthouse Island

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Exerpt:“Even if we don’t solve any mysteries?” asked Connie, a trifle wistfully.Billie turned over and tried to see her face, a thing impossible, of course, in the dark.“What a foolish thing to say,”


she cried. “I’ll shake you, Connie Danvers, if you ever say a thing like that again. We could have stayed at Three Towers if we had wanted to solve mysteries more than we wanted to come here, couldn’t we?”“Y—yes,” said Connie doubtfully. “Only, of course, we didn’t know anything about the mystery when I asked you to come here. So you couldn’t have backed out very well, even if you had wanted to.”Billie turned over impatiently and caught Connie by the shoulder.“Connie Danvers!” she cried, “now I know you want to be shaken. Are you really trying to say that we didn’t want to come with you and only did it to please you?”“No,” said Connie, with a shake of her head. 122 “Of course I didn’t mean just that. Just the same,” she added longingly, “I am awfully anxious to find out about Miss Arbuckle and her album and—that strange man—everything.”It was then that a horrible thought struck Billie, and it was so horrible that it sat her straight up in bed.“Connie—I just thought—could it—were you sorry you asked us to come?” she stammered. “Would you rather have stayed at Three Towers yourself?”

Billie Bradley On Lighthouse Island
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