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PARTY. Often passing thru the villaj, From the city thru the cuntry, Taking orders from the merchants For supplys for futur custom, Seling guds bi wurd and sample, Saving merchants thus a visit Tu the warehous in the city, Jeremia C. O'Connell (Evryhuer tha calld him Jerry) Made aqaintance with the peple: Often past a plesant evning With the peple huer he tarrid. Smart and brite was Jeremia: From one visit tu anuther He rememberd huat was told him; Cud engaj in all the small tauk; Jolly one, consol anuther Better than the local precher. Jeremia lurnd the status The Offitius Trailing Man. 23 Ov the swains and ov the madens, Lurnd the rezon hui no marrij Had for yers bin seen in Boken. 'Nou,' sed he, 'if this continus Trade wil suffer, droop and languish. We must form a combination, Form a plan tu hav her marrid, Start agane the marrying habit, Liven trade in all departments. Harts ar made ov brittle substance; Hard tu brake, yet huen tha'r broken All the art ov all the tinkers, All the yers ov life remaning Can not fit the parts tugether, Can't repair and make them normal. Never shud be maden hurrid In her chois ov home and husband; Yet ther is on this occasion Need ov frendly interference.' Mister Bush, the jeneral merchant, Furst in pastime, furst in biznes, In the church the senior decon, In the church hoos members numberd Mor than haf the villej peple? Decon Bush conferd with Jerry, He and Mistres Bush, the leader In the matrons' sotial muvments. Thre ther wer tu plan a party, Plan a party for the yung foke: Plan tu hav Mis Jenny Wilson Chuz a partner for the evning, Chuz a partner, chuz so plainly As tu make her prefrence patent. 'Then we'l hav the gossips tattle Ov the luvers, ov engajment: Tattle that ma start from nuthing...

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