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An introduction of exotic animals, such as The Opossum, The Ourang Outang or The Polar Bear.This book include original drawings."...THE OPOSSUMThe Opossum is an American animal, having a head like the


fox, and large eyes. The head is mostly white, and the body is covered with long black-and-white hairs. He climbs up trees with great facility, hides himself in the leaves to catch birds, or hangs himself by the tail from a branch. It seeks its food in the night, and lives on fruit, insects, and birds' eggs. Its teeth are fifty in number....""...THE OURANG OUTANGThe Ourang Outang is a species of the ape; it has long arms and hands, with very long fingers. It is much larger than the ape, and some have been found about six feet high, when standing erect. It is capable of walking nearly erect; but the usual gait on the ground is like a cripple who supports himself on his hands, and draws his body forward..."

Book About Animals
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