Born in Exile

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"Born in Exile" is the story about Godwin Peake, a poor, socially insecure but excellent college graduate whose eagerness to belong to the "respectable" world conflicts with his intellectual rejection


of its conservatism. Peake, who is an atheist, shares little sympathy with his poor religious family and is disgraced by the "commoness" of some of his relations' work. Extremely sensitive and with only his intelligence to support his pride, Godwin is invited to visit of a good natured but popular college hero, whose wealth and breeding expose him to a world he has only dreamed about. There Peak meets his kind diligent clergyman father and beautiful charming sister, and being subjected for the first time to respect and interest, he begins to find himself doing anything to fit in-including initiating a series of lies to mask his radical opinions. "Born in Exile" wonderfully reveals the difficulties of living two lives. In addition, "Born in Exile" is an autobiographical novel – exact the same story happened to the author.

Born in Exile
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