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INTRODUCTORY EDITORIAL NOTE - I TAKE it that this little Peep at Nature, needs no apology the exquisite coloured plates, produced direct from natural butterflies by the three-colour pro- cess, are a s


ufficient justification of its appearance. The author is a practical entomologist of many years standing. He writes from the fulness ofa rich experience in the fields. He justly advocates the Paisley method of setting insects. I know it to be the more expeditious, and less calculated to damage specimens, than the ordinary process. His notes on the preserva- tion oflarvae will be welcome in many quarters. The publishers desire me to express their indebted- ness to Messrs. Watkins and Doncaster, 36, Strand, W.C., for kindly arranging and lending the specimens from which the coloured plates have been produced. CHARLES A. HALL. CONTENTS CHAPTKX INTRODUCTORY EDITORIAL NOTE LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS - I. THE LIFE-HISTORY OF A BUTTERFLY I II. THE CAPTURE AND PRESERVATION OF BUTTERFLIES - III. THE BRITISH BUTTERFLIES DESCRIBED - - - 29 INDEX 13 88 PLATE LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS I. SWALLOW - TAIL BLACK - VEINED WHITE LARGE GARDEN WHITE SMALL GARDEN WHITE GREEN- VEINED WHITE BATH WHITE ORANGE-TIP WOOD WHITE PALE CLOUDED YELLOW - Frontispiece FACING FACE II. METHOD OF SETTING WITH BRISTLE AND BRACES - III. COP OF I2OS COTTON ON STAND, AND SETTING- NEEDLE FOR PAISLEY METHOD OF SETTING - 16 IV. CLOUDED YELLOW BRIMSTONE SILVER -WASHED FRITILLARY, ETC.------ 25 V. GLANVILLE FRITILLARY HEATH FRITILLARY, ETC. - vi. PAISLEY METHOD OF SETTING - - - - VII. APPARATUS FOR PRESERVING LARV.B - - -38 VIII. RED ADMIRAL PAINTED LADY MILK-WEED, ETC. 41 IX. MARBLED WHITE MOUNTAIN RINGLET SCOTCH ARGUS, ETC. 48 X. DARK GREEN FRITILLARY HIGH BROWN FRITILLARY, ETC. XI. LARVA OF LARGE GARDEN WHITE PUPA OF LARGE GARDEN WHITE, ETC 9 32 35 51 54 List of Illustrations PLATB FACING PACK XII. SMALL HEATH GREEN HAIRSTREAK PURPLE HAIR- STREAK, ETC. XIII. ADONIS BLUE-CHALK-HILL BLUE-LITTLE BLUE, ETC......... 64 XIV. PUPA OF RED ADMIRAL-LARVA OF RED ADMIRAL, ETC- ........ 73 XV. BROWN ARGUS-AZURE BLUE-SILVER-STUDDED BLUE, ETC. ........ 80 XVI. LIFE-HISTORY OF SMALL TORTOISESHELL BUTTERFLY t OVA- LARVAE-PUPA MALE INSECT TO RIGHT FEMALE LEFT FOOD-PLANT NETTLE On tb co-vtr These eight illustrations are in colour the others are in black and white. BRITISH BUTTERFLIES CHAPTER I THE LIFE-HISTORY OF A BUTTERFLY WHAT is the difference between a butterfly and amoth, and how am I to distinguish between them is a question very often put to the student of insect life the entomologist. Butterflies and moths both belong to the Natural Order, Lepidoptera, or scale-winged insects... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

British Butterflies
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