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that a dozen or so lines of Preface were needful in introducing British Dogs to the public, the following questions were forcibly presented to my mind First, whether the book should have been written and, secondly given the necessity for it whether I should have undertaken the work. Both these questions I propose handing over to the reader for solution, as I fear I might not be altogether an unprejudiced judge and in doing so I trust to his good nature to treat leniently all faults, and to his good sense to assimilate whatevermay be found worthy. The object aimed at has been to give, as far as obtainable, a sketch of the origin of each breed, and an accurate description of the points of excellence of each variety as demanded by modern taste. Only the initiated know the minute distinctions between breeds and individual dogs, patent to the subtle discrimination of the present-day philo-kuon. My fitness, if fitness there be, to convey this class of information much sought after nowadays has been acquired as canine critic for The Field, as kennel editor of The Country, and as a judge at shows, iv Preface. in which capacities I have visited many of the great exhibitions of the canine species in France, Germany, and America, as well as all the principal ones in the United Kingdom, where I have had exceptional opportunities of enlarging a knowledge of my favourite animals, which I had all my life been accumulating. There are parts of the book I can refer to with unqualified pleasure and unstinted praise, namely, the chapters contributed by the friends who have so kindly and ably assisted me. These contributions are in all cases accredited to the individual authors, and the views expressed must command, as they well deserve, the respect which the great experience of the writers merits. The illustrations are from life, celebrated Dogs of the Day having been selected, and the artists have, in most instances, succeeded in giving very correct delineations, showing the distinguishing character- istics of each breed. CORSINCON.Contents include: INTRODUCTORY - - - 1 10 DIVISION I. Dogs Used in Field Sports. GROUP I. DOGS THAT HUNT THEIR GAME BY SIGHT AND KILL. Including The Greyhound, the Scotch Deerhotuid, the Irish Wolfhound, the Scotch Rough-haired Greyhound, the Lurcher, the Whippet, the Siberian Wolfhound, the Persian Greyhound GROUP II. DOGS THAT HUNT THEIR GAME BY SCENT AND KILL. Including The Bloodhound, the Foxhound, the Otterhound, the Harrier, the Beagle, the Basset, the 13 49 Dachshund, the Schweisshund - - - - - 50 102 GROUP III. DOGS THAT FIND THEIR GAME BY SCENT, AND INDEX IT FOR THE ADVANTAGE OF THE GUN. Including The English Setter, the Irish Setter, the Gordon or Black and Tan Setter, the Spanish Pointer, the Pointer, the Dropper GROUP IV. DOGS USED WITH THE GUN IN QUESTING AND RETRIEVING GAME. Including The Black Spaniel, the Cocker Spaniel, the Clumber Spaniel, the Sussex Spaniel, the Norfolk Spaniel, the Irish Water Spaniel, the English Water Spaniel, the Black Wavy-coated Retriever, the Black Curly-coated Retriever, the Norfolk Retriever, the 103133 Russian Retriever 134 171 vi. Contents. EXHIBITING. DOG SHOWS AND DOG JUDGING, AND STANDARD PAGE OF EXCELLENCE BY WHICH TO . JUDGE. Including The History of Dog Shows, Objects and Management of Dog Shows, the Judges their Election, c., Judging by Points, Standard of Excellence 172192 DIVISION II. Dogs Useful to Man in other Work than Field Sports. GROUP I...

British Dogs Their Varieties History Characteristics Breeding Management An
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