Burnham Breaker

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Homer Greene (1853-1940) was an American lawyer, author and poet. His first literary effort was a story entitled The Mad Skater, written while a student at the Riverview Military Academy, Poughkeepsie


, New York. It was published in Wayne Reid's Magazine Onward for June, 1869. He was a special correspondent for the New York Evening Post, Albany Evening Journal, Troy Whig, and Albany Argus. His works include: Burnham Breaker (1887), The Blind Brother (1887), A Tale of the Tow-Path (1892), The Riverpark Rebellion (1892), Pickett's Gap (1902), Whispering Tongues (1902), A Lincoln Conscript (1909), Handicapped (1914), The Unhallowed Harvest (1917), The Flag (1917), The Guardsman (1919), Coal and the Coal Mines (1928) and What My Lover Said (1931).

Burnham Breaker
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