By the Sea And Other Poems

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." [" The South London coroner held an inquest yesterday on the body of John William Barrett, aged 66 years, a hawker, lately living at Wagner Street, Old Kent Road. Police-constable 74R stated that he was called about 2.30 last Wednesday afternoon, and found deceased lying on the bed (such as it was) quite dead. He searched the apartment, but could find no trace of food. Dr. J. W. Williams stated that he had made a post-mortem examination of the body, which was shockingly emaciated ; there was no sign of any fat about it. The stomach and intestines were entirely empty, and deceased was literally starved to death. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence."?Report of a coroner's inquest in London in the year of our Lord, 1892.] Whatsoever joys may be Hidden in futurity, When the happy earth shall view All her dreams of good come true, This man never shall have share Of the glory waiting there. Time no backward debt can pay From the exchequer of to-day, Nor for empty Now can borrow Credit from a full to-morrow ; And, though night make briefest stay Ere the rise of that new day When forgotten Love shall come To her long-deserted home In the heart of all mankind, This man, to the new light blind, Through eternity shall bear Only memories of despair ; Nor shall aught Time holds in store Cancel one brief pain he bore. All the glory of the earth Gathered about this man's birth ; Knowledge, widening with the years, Till men set their hopes and fears Far beyond the narrow round Where their old-time gods were bound ;. Science, daring to explore Past a verge undreamed before, Where upon the untravelled tide Giant forces anchored ride, Waiting until man shall take Their strong helm and onward make To the fulle...

By the Sea And Other Poems
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