Castles in the Air

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Baroness Orczy (1865-1947) is known as a novelist, playwright and artist who was born in Hungary and after a peasant revolution moved to Great Britain with her parents. Her most well-known character t


hat appear in a series of her books is Scarlett Pimpernel. Orcxy's husband Montague MaClean Barstow who was a playwriter and a novelist as well, wrote a story about an English aristocrat Sir Percy Blakeney who falls in love with a charming French woman Scarlett Pimpernel and rescues her from the French revolution. Baroness Orczy got interested in this character and created the continuation of their adventures. All of her books are written with light words and in a light style. Castles in the Air is a chain of short stories that were published in 1921. The story focuses on the adventures of a police agent in Paris in Napoleonic epoch. Every word will make you smile and even burst with laughter so it is a good idea for those readers who want to spend a couple of evening in a great mood.

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