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GLOSSARY BIBLIOGRAPHY The chief books referred to in this volume are :? Franks, Sir A. W. Bethnal Green Collection. Catalogue of Original Pottery and Porcelain. Gulland, W. G. Chinese Porcelain. 2 vols. With Illustrations. The small Guide to the Musee Guimet. Paris. GLOSSARY Baae. The solid support or bottom of any vessel either simple or ornamentally shaped. Beaker. The Chinese beaker is a trumpet-shaped vase, having neither handle nor spout nor beak. Biscuit. Porcelain unglazed, having no gloss. Body. The part of a vase which corresponds with the body in the human figure. The shape may be simple, or two or more forms combined. Bottle. A vase with spheroidal body, long neck and narrow mouth. The gourd-shaped Oriental bottle may be double, having three bodies diminishing from the bottom upwards. Burnt-ln. A term used to distinguish the painted from the enamelled porcelain, the first being burnt in with the glaze, the second having the colours laid over the glaze. Celadon. The soft green colour upon pieces of old Oriental. See further in the section dealing with colours mixed with the glaze and burnt in at the first firing. European glaze is nearly always transparent and colourless. China or Porcelain Paste is translucid, in pottery it is opaque.Colours. Five colours :?green, yellow, aubergine, blue, and red. Three colours :?green, a curious shsae ; yellow, varying from pale to bright ; aubergine, also varying in tone. Egg-shell China first appeared in the Yung-lo period, and later it was as thin as bamboo paper. Under the Lung-king and Wan-leih emperors pure white porcelain of this kind was called "egg-shell." In many pieces the paste is so thin as to appear to be only two layers of glaze. Enamel Mixed with a g... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Chats On Oriental China
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