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other carried the baby to his high chair and strapped him in. Then she placed his tray, with a bowl of cereal on it, before him. '' Now, young man, let me see you eat your breakfast." The baby chuckled gleefully and dug his spoon into the porridge. He tried to carry it to his mouth, but his hand joggled and he spilled most of it down his freshly laundered front. "Dear me," said mother, jumping up and wiping him vigorously. "What a mussy baby. Now, try again and don't spill." The baby tried again and pointed the spoon towards his ear. It didn't land exactly anywhere, but dribbled the porridge along his face until some of it found his mouth. Mother reached for the spoon and said, "Poor baby! Here, mother'll feed you." Baby stiffened out and kicked hard and cried aloud in protest. "Well, well, never mind. Try it again." And she wiped his face and placed his bowl nearer. Baby cheered up and tried again. This time he made a more direct attack and landed most of the spoonful in his mouth. '' That's a good boy. Now, try another one." But this one went wrong right from the start and turned over into his lap. He went after it with his spoon and smeared it all over himself. "There, now. That's enough. Mother'll feed you. See, you're spilling your breakfast all over yourself and you won't get any. It will be cold and then baby'll be sick. Come, now. Eat it nicely for mother." Protesting, but helpless, the baby ate his breakfast as his mother fed him. Trying to help himself became a struggle between the baby and his mother. He wanted to be independent, she wanted him to be so, too, but she went the wrong way about it. Get a heavy table that sits low. Match it with a little armchair. Set the baby at this table with his tray and his spoon and...

Child Training
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