Children of the Shadow And Other Poems

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mighty mountain world lies dark in sleep, Till Dawn, as some fair angel, wide outflings The rose-meshed pinions of her silent wings Along the dreaming east. With gilding sweep She mounts to heaven's crown; then, bending low, An angel's crimson-lipped kiss bestows Upon earth's mountained brow of gleaming snows,? A sacramental kiss, for in its glow And flush of rose lies all the blood and breath Of Dawn. Below, the earth in slumber seems To blush and smile, as 'neath the spell of dreams That lovers have. Above, in silvern death Dawn slowly dies and folds her wings away. But earth she kissed to life; for see ? 'tis day! LORD GOD OF MEN )KD God of men, my father's Lord and mine, Hark to this cry of the broken, List to the stricken plea Of one earth-crushed 'neath a burden Of pain and pain's misery. Give back the strength now ebbing, Give back the old life zest, The joy of buoyant battle, The joy of endless quest. Was youth's exultant vigor, Youth's promised happiness, But granted for this ending Of tears and breathlessness? Were all my life ambitions Mirages of the morn? Were all my friends and friendships But mocking specters born? Was love of woman granted To multiply death's pain? ? Given in perfect glory To prove all loving vain? LORD GOD OF MEN Grant strength, O God, I implore it! Grant strength to love and live. Give back the blood of courage To fight, O Lord, ? give, give! Lord God of men, my father's Lord and mine, Hark not to this cry of me ? broken, But grant me the light to see That here in Thy gift of this weakness Is the seed of new strength to me. THY LIBERATOR, I Body prisoner am I. No mortal strength on earth can free me, My past a galling chain of weight, Each link some...

Children of the Shadow And Other Poems
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