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This book is a collection of letters written by the daughter of the author Countess Elizabeth von Arnim who used the pseudonym of Alice Cholmondeley. Christine travels to Germany to take lessons in vi


olin playing just before the beginning of World War I. The whole Europe is shocked about the murder of Archduke Ferdinand. In her letters Chris describes such moods as well as her life in Berlin. She is fascinated with the traditions and culture of Germany. She is learning the German language and her thoughts on this subject are also included. Later she falls in love with a Prussian officer and they are planning to get married. Unfortunately the English society is against Germany and such mood is transmitted to Christine. She has to make choice between music and her love; the officer is torn as well between her and the duty for his country. All these difficulties make Christine move to Switzerland. The book is very expressive and definitely will not make you be bored.

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