City of Bones

Cover of book City of Bones
Series: The Mortal Instruments (#1)
Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

It was dark night, when Clary Fray went home from Pandemonium Club in New York City. She expects to meet a murder, but what were three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre w


eapons. They were demons. But what for demons interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother?

City of Bones
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Guest 8 months ago

Or..... You'd be better off borrowing/buying the books; they're much more reliable. These could have grammar mistakes and such, but the actual book wouldn't. Don't shoot, just an opinion.

Guest 10 months ago

This is a good book so far, but, does anyone else have problems with the words getting cut short on the edge or missing altogether?

Guest 7 months ago

Open it on full screen

zombiekiller 8 months ago

is it actally a gook book
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Guest 11 months ago

This is just mind blowing I recommend shatter me the series ! It is truly amazing . also u should read the selection series its really nice

Guest 8 months ago

I have read the book "the one" from the series the selection...and it was AWESOME...
I couldn't put it down until i finished...

Guest 8 months ago

I agree

Guest a year ago

Well it doesnt finish the book if you start book two you quickly realize lots of information is missing

Guest a year ago

Fuck da damn plot suck my fat ass cock

Guest 5 months ago

I agree
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