Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years of Pilgrimage

Cover of book Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years of Pilgrimage
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I have come to know Murakami for his engaging stories, tranquil pace and open ended stories. This book is no different. The protagonist is unable to able to view himself as others see him and as he tr


aces back his past history with former friends, he becomes more and more enlightened. It is a enjoyable story of a man finding himself and what he wants, but as always there is room for interpretation at the end. I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy Haruki Murakami.
Setting aside the issue with Murakami's characterisation of "women that help the sad, male protagonist", the exploration of friendship, and the loss of friendship over the course of time, hits hard. Yes -- you grow apart. We go through the drudgery of employment. Perhaps you move out, get married -- whatever. And through that, you catch yourself thinking about the what ifs had history played out differently, but all you're left with is now. That's, for lack of better expression, life, and it's what I get out of Colourless.

And OK: I'm not sure if it's a translation issue, but you get some dull sentences that remind me of Stewart Lee's routine about Dan Brown's terrible writing (e.g., sentences like "He visited the dormitory where Haida had lived"). Like, cool story. That said, perhaps I'm missing the point. Perhaps the writing is an indirect subtext about the mundane. Anyway: if you can overlook such matters, you'll enjoy this lite offering compared to, say, the WTF? that Murakami can deliver (i.e.,Kafka on the Shore).
A very character driven book that left a lot up to the reader's interpretation...that's usually a recipe of dislike for me when it comes to books but I really enjoyed this and I definitely want to read more Murakami. I loved every bit of the details right down to how he described the food in this, it's safe to say I was hungry through out. The characters were very interesting and the plot had very curious til the very end.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years of Pilgrimage
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Guest 3 months ago

I really like Murakami's writing, it's easy to read even with a normal topic such as friendship or relationships, I feel disappointed that it left his readers with so many questions...

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