Considerations On the Pentateuch

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e Periodic Press has done its part, not only promptly, but effectively, in meeting the exceptions of Dr. Colenso. Whether or not the author of the book on the Pentateuch may recognise the fact that, in the main, he has been answered, and his argument overthrown, his friends and abettors will at length feel it; and the religious community at large is coming to the conclusion, that the stir which the publication of the volume occasioned was attributable much rather to the position of the author than to its merits, of any kind. There is, however, more of the same sort forthcoming ; and, in his next part, the author may, perhaps, make concessions on a few points ; but, probably, the assault which he has encountered will have the effect?as in other similar instances?of driving him on further and further toward what must be the end of an argument which has been started in error and pursued in a wrong direction. What is now to be done by those who take a better course, is to gather up the useful product of this agitation. Apart from agitation, the vis inertice of the Christian community is not to be effectively overcome, but if now the waters are moved, let the moment be well employed by those who may be able so to do. In furtherance of the purport of this pamphlet, I subjoin some citations?or rather references?to passages which will sustain what has been affirmed in the course of it?especially of what I have said concerning that gift of management and instinct of order which have always been the distinction of the Jewish people, and which have made it easy to them, and to their official persons, to give effect to religious observances, which, to us, at this time, may seem exceedingly difficult. I bring forward, also, some passages bearing upon the important subjec...

Considerations On the Pentateuch
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