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MARX. It is a curious and not unmeaning circumstance that the country where Karl Marx is least known, is that in which for the last thirty years he lived and worked. His word has gorifr into all the earth and evoked in some quarters echoes which governments will neither let live nor let die; but here, where it was pronounced, its sound has scarcely been heard. His principal book, " Das Kapital," is a criticism of the modern industrial system as explained by English economists and exemplified in English society. Though written in German it seldom cites a German authority, but it shows an unusual knowledge of the earlier English economical writers; it goes very fully into the circumstances of English labour, as described in Parliamentary blue books; it constantly draws its illustrations from English industrial life, and always even states its money allusions in terms of English coin (probably because no other currency is so well known to so many nations.) Yet English is perhaps the only one of the greater languages of the civilized world in which this work has not been translated?a circumstance which is the more noteworthy, because it shows, that, however democraticsocialism has spread in America, it has as yet taken no hold on the interest of the English-speaking population. Marx himself could have few more fervent desires than to effect a footing for his doctrines among the working class of this country; for the great object to which he devoted his energies?with, I believe, a thoroughly disinterested, though mistaken zeal?for nearly forty years was the organization of a consentaneous international movement among the proletariate of all civilized nations for an organic reconstruction of society; and he declares unreservedly that any proletariate movement in w...

Contemporary Socialism
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