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Series: Crazy Rich Asians (#1)
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I was so interested in the lives of Rachel, Nick, and Astrid. I was turning pages and thinking OMG NOOO...AWWWWW YES... They are written so well I care about their lives.
I could not stand all


the descriptions of opulence. Clothing designers, Fabrics, Flowers, Architecture etc. I had no idea who or what the author was talking about so pretty much it was just names to which I had no frame of reference. It was totally lost on me and made it irrelevant. It's also way overdone. pages of just descriptions of these designers. Tedious.
While I am on tediousness..
The beginning of the books starts slow and boring. Nothing but names of all the Asians, how much money they have and what company they are associated with/family lineage. It was like reading a family tree with some added information. UGH.
Strip all of this away and the core stories of the lives of the characters suck you in completely. I wanted to know what would happen to them, and it was enough to slog through the tedious crap surrounding.
Also, it was fun to learn about the culture, food and select phrases that a riddled throughout the book. If you don't like footnotes galore, this book isn't for you.

I need to read the next one, yes, I am curious about Nick, Rachel, and Astrid!

Crazy Rich Asians
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Guest 9 months ago

I had to read this book first to see what all the hype about the movie was! I’m asian, so while I really wanted to blindly support asians in Hollywood by seeing the movie, I hate typical rom-coms — HOWEVER I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this! I loved all the informative and snarky yet funny footnotes, relatable content as a US-born first generation Asian myself, and the elaborate descriptions of clothing and the physical surroundings by the author! And no, you don’t have to be asian to enjoy this - as I actually culturally identify as a one of those bonafide “westernized” NYC metro area Americans, such as the main character Rachel. Nor does the entire book focus only on the one main couple - I loved reading the background on all the families in their social circle and their own lives and relationships. Will def check out the film and read the other 2 books to find out what all the clans get into next!

Guest 10 months ago

I loved the story of this book. It was intriguing and fresh and full of the most beautiful descriptions. However, I found myself unhappy with it about halfway through, and even when I finished it because the characters felt so two dimensional. Peik Lin had almost no personality, Rachel was a bit of a bitch, and Nick seemed almost too good. The only character I really felt had her own personality was Astrid.

Guest 10 months ago

I absolutely love this series!! The stories draw you in. I feel so invested in all of these characters. Great book!

Guest 10 months ago

not going to lie I finished this whole series in three days. After seeing the movie I couldn’t believe how good both the books and the movie were and I was intrigued to read more about Rachel and Nick and couldn’t stop

Guest 10 months ago

The best book I have read in my entire life. For sure. I love the way that Nicks shows that he'd do anything for Rachel. Now THAT is love.
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