Creatures of Vibration

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INTO THE INCANDESCENT FOLDS OF THE FLAPPING FIRE-GOD Their sacrifice was imminent! The crew of the spaceship Nomad had traveled to Titan, a moon of Jupiter. They were called the Vagabonds of Space. Ca


rr Parker, his beautiful new wife Ora, her scientist father Detis -- and Car's best friend, the Martian called Mado. They had come to Titan to explore -- but sinister and strange vibrations from the rings of Saturn had turned its civilized peoples into utter savages. And the savages captured the Vagabonds of Space, and meant to kill him along with Nazu, a Titan who'd somehow remained sane. Their only hope? A dead man! EXCITING INTERPLANETARY SPACE ADVENTURE FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION! --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Creatures of Vibration
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