Davisons Poetical Rhapsody

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DY. YET OTHER TWELVE WONDERS OF THE WORLD:1 NEVER BEFORE3 PUBLISHED. BY SIR JOHN DAVIS.3 I. THE COURTIER. ONG have I lived in Court, yet learned not all this while To sell poor suitors, smoke : nor where I hate to smile ; Superiors to adore, inferiors to despise, To fly from such as fall, to follow such as rise ; To cloak a poor desire under a rich array, Nor to aspire by vice, though 'twere the quicker way. II. THE DIVINE. My calling is Divine, and I from God am sent; I will no chop-church be, nor pay my patron rent ; Nor yield to sacrilege ; but, like the kind true mother, Rather will lose all the child, than part it with another. Much wealth I will not seek; nor worldly masters serve, So to grow rich and fat, while my poor flock doth sterve. 1 These Twelve Wonders were set to music by John Maynard. " Lutenit at the most famous Schoole of St. Julian's in Hart- forshire," fol., 1611. 2 Ed. 2, "yet." ' So ed. 4.?Ed. 3, "By lohn Davis."?Malone's imperfectTWELVE WONDERS OF THE WORLD. 7 III. THE SOLDIER. My occupation is the noble trade of Kings, The trial that decides the highest right of things ; Though Mars my master be, I do not Venus love, Nor honour Bacchus oft, nor often swear by Jove ; Of speaking of myself I all occasion shun, And rather love to do, than boast what I have done. IV. THE LAWYER. The law my calling is ; my robe, my tongue, my pen, Wealth and opinion gain, and make me Judge of men. The known dishonest cause I never did defend, Nor spun out suits in length, but wished and sought an Nor counsel did bewray, nor of both parties take ; Nor ever took I fee for which I never spake. V. THE PHYSICIAN. I study to uphold the slippery state of man, Who dies when we have done th...

Davisons Poetical Rhapsody
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