Days of the Discoverers

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CONTENTS_To Foresta_I ASGARD THE BEAUTIFUL (1348) _The Viking's Secret_II THE RUNES OF THE WIND-WIFE (1364) _The Navigators_ (1415-1460)III SEA OF DARKNESS (1475) _Sunset Song_IV PEDRO AND HIS ADMIRAL


(1492) _The Queen's Prayer_V THE MAN WHO COULD NOT DIE (1493-1494) _The Escape_VI LOCKED HARBORS (1497) _Gray Sails_VII LITTLE VENICE (1500) _The Gold Road_VIII THE DOG WITH TWO MASTERS (1512) _Cold o' the Moon_ (1519)IX WAMPUM TOWN (1508-1524) _The Drum_X THE GODS OF TAXMAR (1512-1519) _The Legend of Malinche_XI THE THUNDER BIRDS (1519-1520) _Moccasin Flower_XII GIFTS FROM NORUMBEGA (1533-1535) _The Mustangs_XIII THE WHITE MEDICINE MAN (1528-1536) _Lone Bayou_ (1542)XIV THE FACE OF THE TERROR (1564) _The Destroyers_XV THE FLEECE OF GOLD (1561-1577) _A Watch-dog of England_ (1583)XVI LORDS OF ROANOKE (1584) _The Changelings_XVII THE GARDENS OF HELNE (1607-1609) _The Wooden Shoe_XVIII THE FIRES THAT TALKED (1610) _Imperialism_XIX ADMIRAL OF NEW ENGLAND (1600-1614) _The Discoverers_

Days of the Discoverers
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